Welcome to Acrogain Sdn Bhd. We are essentially an IT company specializing in web marketing and development. We strive in delivering the RIGHT solution for our clients and we hope you will be able to find the right services that will suit your needs. Below is the list of services that we provide.

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At Acrogain we strive in providing the best services and quality at the most reasonable price that will definitely appeal to any budget you might have. We pride ourselves in giving creative solutions right from the start to the completion of a particular project...

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Web hosting is one of the bare necessities needed when developing a website. Big or small, we at Acrogain have the right affordable hosting plan that will be able to suit any individual or company. Our Linux hosting will provide website owners with one of the fastest and most reliable web hosting services in Malaysia...

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What is rich media ?

Rich media is rapidly becoming the most effective advertising option to engage consumers in the online space...

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Search engine marketing is the one of most highly effective method if not the most effective method of driving highly targeted visitors to your website. Our search engine marketing solutions can provide you with the one of the best available solution for your one stop online marketing needs in Malaysia...


Rich Media


What is rich media?

Rich media is rapidly becoming the most effective advertising option to engage consumers in the online space. Rich media gets consumers involved by creating an interaction, or Brand Experience as some might call it.

Rich media banner's inherent strengths is its ability to present a detailed message and let consumers immerse themselves in your products and brands in that given space when consumers choose to. It's no secret that customers who have had positive experiences with a brand are more likely to purchase than people who have never interacted with that brand before.

One of rich media's biggest appeals is that viewers are in full control meaning they can participate in full product experiences directly on a banner without clicking through to a mini-site and besides being able to provide a Rich Brand Experience; rich media also provides a much better opportunity to accurately measure the effect on the target audience.

Making the most of a more effective media

Rich media has proven to increase brand awareness by an average of 35% according to the latest DoubleClick study, with rich media ads about entertainment achieving increases as high as 70%. In the US, sports, family, entertainment and games advertisers now place one-third of their online ads in rich media formats.

  • The best rich media ads are thought of as one complete experience, not a standard online banner with panels attached to it as an afterthought.
  • Rich media ads should be focused, goal-driven, short interactions of selected content, not entire web sites.
  • Panels should have some activity the user is required to perform, i.e. Click, Fill Out, View, etc.
  • Videos that are placed on rich media ads should be created exclusively for online use.
  • Measurement and tracking should not focus purely on clicks but user actions such as Forward, Rollover, Control Audio and etc.
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